About Us

*Sweet Arielle LLC is a dessert catering company focused on sustainable, zero waste practices, based out of Cary, North Carolina. 

*We are fully Licensed & Insured.

*Our kitchen is inspected and certified by The North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Food and Drug Protection Division.

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More About Sweet Arielle LLC

Everything at Sweet Arielle LLC is made from scratch using the highest quality ingredients available. We source as much as we can from our region’s local farms and dairies. Chocolate is the exception - only the best from Belgium and France. We never use sugar as a crutch, focusing instead on the quality and freshness of our ingredients and allowing the true flavors to shine. We use unbleached/unbromated flour and raw or organic sugar. Whether you are looking for an individual cake or a full-on dessert bar, or your company is looking for something different for your upcoming meeting, we always strive to exceed your expectations and deliver a dessert that both brightens your day and completes your special event.

Pastry Chef Norma and daughter Arielle, hence "Sweet Arielle"

Pastry Chef Norma and daughter Arielle, hence "Sweet Arielle"

About Norma Kessler

Pastry Chef Norma had a passion for food since she was a six year-old girl growing up with her grandparents, who were tortilla makers and ran a café stand (puesto) in Mexico City.  At the age of 11, she learned how to cook; her first dish was arroz con pollo.  Additionally, she would help her grandmother make coconut candy, tamales oaxaquenos and other street foods from The City.


Even in her free time, this little budding chef’s life revolved around food.  She would play “restaurant” (la comidita).  No plastic toys for Chef Norma though; she would make real food with the toys that her grandfather made her.  Entrepreneurial from a young age, she would sell these various foods to her family members.  And when there was no food, she would play with mud cakes (pasteles de lodo).  Chef Norma’s life always revolved around food, whether real or imaginary.


Prior to moving to Cary, NC in 2008, Chef Norma lived in Los Angles, where she received her formal training and garnered professional experience in various places.  While she worked at The Little Door French Restaurant in Los Angeles, she delved in to pastries, a new arena for her at the time.  The pastry chef had recently left, and with little experience, Chef Norma decided to go back to school to study pastries and specialty breads.  Upon returning to The Little Door, the owners recognized how Chef Norma elevated the dessert menu, so they decided to open a bakery cafe next door (Little Next Door French Bakery) featuring her new found talents.


Chef Norma’s repertoire expanded as she began helping her friends in bakeries, decorating cakes, making breads, and spending some time in Paris learning how to make pastries and bread.  She also took several intensive professional bread and pastry courses at the San Francisco Baking Institute, which included classes with Lionel Vatinet (owner of the local La Farm Bakery), and Brian Woods (owner of Stater Bakery in San Francisco).

Now, after more than 5 years baking at the Carolina Inn and working nearly 20 years in the industry, Chef Norma is now pursuing her dream, Sweet Arielle!